Collenette, Iris Sheila (Mrs). (E)


Name: Compositae
Taxonomy (Occurrence): Compositae (family);

Gathering Event

Country: SA
Locality: Res granite hill about 45km south of Biljurshi. Abha - Taif road
Elevation: 1981 m - 1981 m [6500 FT]

Collector(s): Collenette, Iris Sheila (Mrs).
Collector's number: 2164
Collection Date: 1980-03-18
Collection Date: 1980-03-18

Catalog Number: E00614057 E ( (E) (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Herbarium)
Record Basis: PreservedSpecimen
GUID/Occurrence ID:

Sex: not recorded
Preparations: herbarium specimen of unspecified type