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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC.Unknown or unspecified countrys.n.EN/AE00457763no
Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC.Unknown or unspecified countrys.n.EN/AE00457764no
Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC.Unknown or unspecified countrys.n.EN/AE00457765no
Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC.Russian FederationLustyk,P., Lustyk,P. PL5366PL5366WHerbarium W2008-0001669no
Ancathia darwasicaTajikistanRegel, A.s.n.KHerbariumK000778321yes
Ancathia miraUnknown or unspecified countrys.coll.844KHerbariumK000778323yes
Ancathia darwasicaTajikistanRegel, A.s.n.KHerbariumK000778322yes
Ancathia igniaria (Spreng.) DC.Russian FederationL. Martins2432BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0274604yes
Ancathia igniaria DC.Russian FederationB. Gemeinholzer, N. Enke & T. Dürbyedür 3964BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0341380yes