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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Centaurea ensiformis P.H. DavisTurkeyDavis, P.H.13510EN/AE00383972yes
Centaurea ensiformis P.H. DavisTurkeyDavis, P.H.13510EN/AE00383973yes
Centaurea ensiformis P.H. DavisTurkeyReeves, R.D.;2712EN/AE00248537yes
Centaurea ensiformis P.H. DavisTurkeyQuezel, P.; Contandriopoulos, J.; Pamukcuoglu, A.s.n.EN/AE00476269yes
Centaurea ensiformis P. H. DavisTurkeyTolimir,D., Tolimir,D. 121121WHerbarium W2018-0002550no
Centaurea ensiformis P. H. DavisTurkeyDavis,P.H., Davis,P.H. Flora of Turkey 1351013510WHerbarium W1976-0007624yes