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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & C.A.Mey.TurkeyEkim, T.19EN/AE00478103yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & Mey.TurkeyWiedemann, E.103KHerbariumK000251323yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & C.A.Mey.TurkeyDavis, Peter Hadland & Coode, Mark James Elgar36349EN/AE00201483yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & C.A.Mey.TurkeyH. Dingler209BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177726_IIyes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyDavis & Coode36349BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177722yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyWiedemanns.n.BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177721yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & C. A.Mey.TurkeyI. Hagemann, J. Binder & W. Schwarz2827BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177717yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyDingler209BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177725yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fisch. & C.A.Mey.TurkeyH. Dingler234BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177724yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyDingler234BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177723yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyJ. F. N. Bornmüller14322BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177719yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyI. Hagemann, J. Binder & W. Schwarz2827BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177718yes
Centaurea wiedemannianaTurkeyDingler192BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0177720yes
Centaurea wiedemanniana Fish. & C.A.Mey.Unknown or unspecified countryWiedemanns.n.PPP00703753yes
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