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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Hieracium transiens autranii (Post) GreuterSyrian Arab RepublicPost, G.E.105EN/AE00413085yes
Hieracium transiens artabirense (Zahn) GreuterTurkeySintenis, P.4468 CEN/AE00413088yes
Hieracium transiens sintenisii (Zahn) GreuterTurkeySintenis, Paul Ernst Emil687EN/AE00385463yes
Hieracium transiens karagoellense (Zahn) GreuterArmeniaSintenis, Paul Ernst Emil7187AEN/AE00385477yes
Hieracium transiens autranii (Post) GreuterUnknown or unspecified countryPost, G.E.105EN/AE00523579yes
Hieracium transiens artabirense (Zahn) GreuterUnknown or unspecified countrys.n.EN/AE00523577no
Hieracium transiens insolitum (Zahn) GreuterTurkeyGüner, Adil3021EN/AE00523581yes
Hieracium transiens autranii (Post) GreuterTurkeyHaradjian, Manoog4718EN/AE00523580yes
Hieracium transiens sintenisii (Zahn) GreuterTurkeySintenis, Paul Ernst Emil687EN/AE00523582yes
Hieracium transiens artabirense (Zahn) GreuterTurkeyDavis, Peter Hadland; Coode Mark James Elgar & Yaltirik, FaikD.38362EN/AE00523578yes
Hieracium transiens sintenisii (Zahn) GreuterTurkeySintenis, P.687EN/AE00507879yes
Hieracium transiens levimaculatum Gottschl. & MelikokiGreeces.n.BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0486589yes
Hieracium transiens (Freyn) FreynGreeceWilling,R. & Willing,E.29839BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0384904no
Hieracium transiens (Freyn) FreynGreeceWilling,R. & Willing,E.9850BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0384925no
Hieracium transiens abatanum (Hayek & Zahn) GreuterAlbaniaDörfler,I.60BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 9004794yes
Hieracium transiens (Freyn) FreynGreeceSnogerup,S. & Snogerup, B.20775BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0620304no
Hieracium transiens (Freyn) FreynGreeceSnogerup,S. & Snogerup, B.15552BHerbarium BerolinenseB 10 0620518no
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