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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.ArmeniaTakhtajan, Armen Leonovichs.n.EN/AE00371918yes
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.TurkeyDavis, Peter H. & Polunin, Oleg V.24627EN/AE00371916yes
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.ArmeniaTakhtadzhjan, A.668EN/AE00371917yes
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.ArmeniaTakhtadzhjan, A.s.n.EN/AE00371919yes
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.Unknown or unspecified countrys.n.NYNY02629324yes
Hypericum formosissimum Takht.ArmeniaOganesyan,M., Ter-Voskanyan,H. & Vitek,E., Oganesyan,M. et al. 07-018807-0188WHerbarium W2010-0004242no