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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Pandanaceae R. Br.MadagascarJao Aridy et al.429MOTropicos2355713no
Pandanaceae R. Br.United StatesJames S. Miller, Mary Merello & John K. Myers7186MOTropicos745862no
Pandanaceae R. Br.MadagascarAl Gentry, L. Dorr, L. Barnett & A. Rakotozafy52380MOTropicos745953no
Pandanaceae R. Br.Viet NamD.K. Harder, P.K. Loc, N.T. Hiep & P.K. Long4616MOTropicos1446705no
PandanaceaeAustraliaBeauglehole, A.C.55035MELMELMEL 2113262Ano
PandanaceaeAustraliaBeauglehole, A.C.54939MELMELMEL 2113255Ano
PandanaceaeAustraliaBeauglehole, A.C.54881MELMELMEL 2113254Ano
PandanaceaeAustraliaBeauglehole, A.C.55137MELMELMEL 2113252Ano