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Scientific name Country Collector(s) Col. no.IH Subcollection Specimen ID Image
Podocarpaceae Endl.ArgentinaHunziker, J. H.7068MOTropicos2424879no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Viet NamL. Averyanov, P.K. Loc & D.T. Doan2148MOTropicos2726438no
Podocarpaceae Endl.PeruL. Valenzuela, E. Suclli & G. Calatayud.3059MOTropicos2746727no
Podocarpaceae Endl.PeruJ. Campos & Z. García4518MOTropicos1315015no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Bolivia, Plurinational State ofA. Jardim, I. Vargas, G. Navarro & N. Barra2811MOTropicos1321846no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Viet Nam7475aMOTropicos100281233no
PodocarpaceaePeruGraham, J.G.5179EN/AE00576580yes
Podocarpaceae Endl.Tanzania, United Republic ofM. A. Mwangoka & D. Luhamo2412MOTropicos1726985no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Tanzania, United Republic ofD Price with & N DoggartWK48MOTropicos1547831no
Podocarpaceae Endl.ItalyCevatis.n. 1870MOTropicos698757no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofW.G. D'Arcy & C.E. Benitez de Rojas18248MOTropicos698823no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofK.S. Edwards, A. Cardozo, H. Rodriguez & R. Thompson80MOTropicos699283no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofL. Aristeguieta5510MOTropicos699325no
Podocarpaceae Endl.PeruP. Núñez, W. Galiano, A. Tupayachi & C. Paucarmayta12649MOTropicos698117no
Podocarpaceae Endl.United StatesStephen D. Manning2MOTropicos698119no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofEdmund Tanner & Valerie Kapos104MOTropicos698265no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaPullen, R.531CANBCANBCANB 43597.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaCroft, J.NGF 34742CANBCANBCANB 319144.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.New CaledoniaMacKee, H.S.40185CANBCANBCANB 504515.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaPullen, R.2675CANBCANBCANB 99057.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaSaunders, J.C.989CANBCANBCANB 88883.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaRobbins, R.G.3226CANBCANBCANB 88093.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.New ZealandRafferty, M.62CANBCBGCBG 7900169.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaReeve, T.M.4929CANBCBGCBG 9204150.1no
Podocarpaceae Endl.Papua New GuineaCroft, J.R.; Lelean, Y.NGF 34742CNSQRSQRS 16583.1no
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